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Price $32.00

Compressor terminals and the wire connections to them have a way of working theirselves loose. A loose wire with an electrical load on it always starts producing heat and winds up destroying the connection. The Patented Term-Lok provides a simple yet effective solution that is guaranteed for the life of the compressor. No more trying to make a permanent repair every time you turn around! Well worth the investment. As with all electrical products, please take all safety precautions before attempting to install these yourself. The kit includes three terminal repair pieces, a small allen wrench to tighten it to the compressor, and a plastic arc protector to keep the terminal connections apart from each other. Usually, when a compressor terminal does go bad, the wire and its insulation gets hard and brittle. These kits provide plenty of length to them to go back as far as necessary to get to good wire (even back to the contactor in most cases). I use red wire nuts to connect the Term-Loc wire ends to the original wire that ran to the compressor. The manufacturer even recommends this product before the terminal connections go bad.


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