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The Safe-T-Switch® Model SS2 detects down stream clogs in condensate drains and interrupts the thermostat circuit to shut off the unit before flooding occurs. Works with optional Safe-T-Gard® Model SG1 condensate overflow alarm. The Model SS2 is designed for installation on auxiliary drain pan outlets - usually on primary condensate drain pans. PVC SLIP L body accepts a ¾-inch PVC pipe or stub adaptor. Compact footprint fits well in tight spaces. Approved for use as a substitute for auxilliary condensate drains in jurisdictions where the International Mechanical Code applies.

Installation options include auxilliary (safety) pan outlet installation, installation on alternate primary drain outlets and inline installation in primary condensate drains utilizing a 3/4-inch SLIP Tee.

Design incorporates sealed, waterproof reed/magnet float switch technology with potted electrical contacts for reliable performance in wet environments. Float resets automatically and after the drain is cleared. Included 6-Foot lead wires are prewired and sealed requiring one electrical connection during installation – usually within the air handler electrical cabinet.

Package Includes Pre-wired 6-Foot, 18 Gauge Lead Wires & 3/4-inch Threaded Male X Slip Male Adaptor for 3/4-inch Female Threaded Pan Outlets

Price $23.00

Installation Instructions


US Patent No.:6,442,955


    • 24 Volts A/C
    • 1.25 Amp GP Switching Current (Tested and Listed by UL® at 6000 Cycles - Inductive Load)
    • Reed Component Device is Separately UL® Recognized at 2.5 Amps Max. Carry Current.



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